The Ashby Chapel

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The cornerstone of Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was laid in 1893. The construction was not actually completed until 1895. Cost of the church was estimated to be $3,000, but the completed cost was $3,600.

The structure with its two entrance doors, exquisite nave, chancel, curved pews, and stained glass windows, immediately establish the atmosphere of divine worship, tranquility, and reverence.

The church was built by H.S. Hanes and painted for the first time by Charles Dranzer. The stained glass windows were donated in memory of H.S. Hanes, W.W. Rogers, Alice Kendall, and The Kings Daughters of Paris. The pulpit Bible was donated by the first minister, Charles Shipley, who also made a sizable contribution to the building fund.

The first wedding in the church, that of Samuel Weir and Grace Green, was performed by Reverend Shipley on the 18th of October in 1899.

The Ashby Chapel, is now available for your private event! It stands alongside our reservation office and the School House, built in 1895. Call us directly for rates and availability: 540-592-3900.

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