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About The Ashby Inn & Restaurant

Sitting at a crossroads of both time and location, The Ashby Inn & Restaurant exists as a tenant to history while offering a place for guests to dine and rest amidst the beauty and tranquility of the Virginia countryside. Situated at the cross-section of routes fifty and seventeen in the charming village of Paris, the inn includes ten guest accommodations on three acres of landscaped grounds that provide a view of Paris Mountain, Ashby Gap and Sky Meadows State Park. The restaurant prepares breakfast daily for all inn guests and is open for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Saturday and for brunch and dinner on Sunday. The Ashby serves as a pastoral setting for weddings, special events, and retreats. Guests of the inn find no shortage of activities in the area to fill their time, including antiquing, bird watching, cycling, hiking, reading, shopping, and wine tasting.

General Manager Pamela Milley and Innkeeper Emily Bettis invite you to visit The Ashby Inn for an experience unique to this wondrous place.

Our Team

General Manager Pamela Milley

Pamela has spent many years working in the Washington D.C. area restaurant industry establishing dynamic relationships in all aspects of guest hospitality. She brings an overwhelming desire to exceed guest expectations to the Ashby Inn and Restaurant.

Pamela has pioneered programs to establish Virginia Wines and local farm-to-table menus in various Virginia restaurants, starting as early as the 1990's. Pamela's roots in the heartland of America ground her in the the belief that all are welcomed to the table. 

Innkeeper Joan Emily Bettis

Longtime resident of the area, Emily grew up on a horse farm just outside of Middleburg, VA. Her passion for plants and gardening was realized at a young age when she used to forage for local ingredients such as ramps, morels, and wineberries, with her Mother and Grandmother. With this love of the region firmly in place, Emily started her own landscaping business; becoming a Virginia Certified Horticulturist in 2000.

Having been part of the Ashby family for many years, Emily has moved up within the ranks from gardener, to operations manager, to innkeeper.
Emily's vision for The Ashby is to ensure that each guest has a one of a kind experience of the highest quality, coupled with creative dining and comfortable lodging.

  • Chef David Dunlap

Executive Chef David Dunlap

The foundation for Dunlap's passion for food was laid early in his upbringing.  Born in Washington State near the Puget Sound, David recollects his fondest memories of childhood being days spent playing and harvesting in his family's orchards, foraging for huckleberries, picking strawberries and blackberries and tending to bees.  David's first cooking job was at a local farmer's market in Boulder, Colorado. Knowing that he had found his niche, he enrolled at the California Culinary Academy to conduct his studies.  Upon graduation, he worked under Executive Chef Jung at El Encanto Hotel in Santa Barbara where he learned to utilize fresh fruits and vegetables in season and an array of seafood brought to the hotel daily by local fishermen.  With this sound beginning, Chef Dunlap accepted a position with the five star, five diamond Four Seasons property where he worked under Executive Chef Martin Frostwhile where he contributed to menu development and assisted with myriad wine maker dinners.

The arrival of their second child (now a father of three) prompted David and his wife to move home to Virginia to be closer to family.  Dunlap secured a chef de partie position with the opening crew for Alain Ducasse's Adour restaurant, and trained under Executive Chef Julian Jouhannud and Corporate Chef Sylvin Portay.  It was here that David notes the finer points of his culinary approach were developed.  With skills that were in demand, Chef Damon Gordon of Plume Restaurant at the Rleais & Chateau Jefferson Hotel recruited David to be his Sous Chef.  This lead to another Relais and Chateau property to take notice.  When the Inn at Little Washington asked him to join their team, Chef Dunlap was given an opportunity to use all of the skills he had gained to contribute to an operation lauded the world over.  He rose quickly through the ranks and was made Sous Chef, then Executive Sous Chef.  Now David's mission is to offer the guests of The Ashby his culinary interpretation of the Virginia countryside from the perspective of the Chef. 

Chef's Upcoming Events

David is participating with the James Beard Foundation for a charity dinner on September 9th, 2014. 
He has also joined with The Willing Warriors Project as a guest Chef to give back to the men and women serving our country.

  • James-Beard-Foundation-greyscale-logo-that-spells-EAT

The proceeds of their charity dinners at the Beard House are used to support their mission to celebrate, nurture, and honor America’s diverse culinary heritage through programs that educate and inspire.  http://www.jamesbeard.org/

  • WWChefProgram

The Visiting Chef Program partners with exceptional volunteer chefs who come to the Bull Run Warrior Retreat and create once in a lifetime extraordinary meals for our injured warriors and their families. The program takes a farm-to-table approach to providing meals with fresh vegetables and herbs right from a garden on the property.


  • Sous Chef Jessica Shields

Sous Chef Jessica Shields

Jessica was born and raised in Middleburg, Va and is a graduate from the Culinary Institute of America. For the past decade, she has been cooking for private clients all over the world, specializing in seasonally driven tasting menus paired with wines. Jessica was the executive chef of a yoga retreat in the Costa Rican jungle as well as a private chef on a double masted sailboat in the South of France, she has cooked her way around the world to gain as much knowledge and experience as she possibly could. She finally moved to Washington, DC
from Denver, Colorado and started a gourmet, local, organic food truck called Cirque Cuisine that quickly rose to being one of DC’s best. After three intense years of running her own business, she decided she wanted to re-immerse herself in the restaurant world and focus on haute cuisine. Thus, allowing her to dedicate her energy creating beautiful dishes while being in a upscale professional kitchen environment and work alongside other seasoned, experienced chefs to grow and expand her expertise. While utilizing all the knowledge and experience that she gathered from traveling the world, she focuses on combining interesting and delicious flavors that appeal to both the palette and the artistic eye.

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Your Ashby Staff:

Pamela  Milley, General Manager

Emily Bettis, Innkeeper 

Allan Mace, Concierge 

Sarah Storer, Event Coordinator

Stuart Brennen, Sommelier

Marium Caternolo, Pastry Chef

Misty Williams, Owner Liaison