The Ashby Inn & Restaurant - Paris, Virginia, 20130, United States

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General/Restaurant Manager

Ashby Inn & Restaurant, seeks professional general manager. The right applicant must be tactful; refined; be able to take direction & feedback from ownership/corporate support; & be able to form/maintain, train & lead a cohesive team to success. 2 days off a week, 2 weeks paid vacation first year of employment, health & dental insurance available. Professional attire is required. Building local/community connections are expected. Wine knowledge is a plus.

Job Duties: General Manager of The Ashby Inn, which includes but is not limited to:
• Coordinating with Chef, Restaurant Manager & Innkeeper on policy making and strategic planning (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)(As Needed)
• Weekly reporting to owner (Weekly)
• Profit and loss responsibility (Weekly, Monthly)
• Accounting (oversee payables and receivables) (Daily, Weekly) (As Invoices Arrive)
• Preparing and analyzing financial data (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
• Monitoring budgets (Weekly, Monthly)
• Motivating and training management level staff and conducting performance appraisals(Daily, Annually)
• Managing staff hours (Daily, Weekly)
• Building relationships with guests (Daily)
• Developing and implementing marketing strategies (Weekly, Seasonally, Quarterly)
• Ensuring all building maintenance and repairs are up-to-date (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) (As Needed)
• Ensuring high level of housekeeping standards are maintained (Daily)
• Ensuring high level of grounds maintenance standards are maintained (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) (As Needed)
• Ensuring all equipment maintenance and repairs are up-to-date (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) (As Needed)
• Maintaining ABC Manager’s license, VA Food Handler’s License & any other required training/licensure (Annually)(As Needed)
• Assisting in the restaurant (As Needed)


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